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The best

accessories listed in 

the most famous

boutiques worldwide.

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Choose from over 500 boutique accessories to sell.


Are you a concept store owner, gift reseller or a boutique items retailer seeking for where to buy wholesale boutique items for your boutique? You have come to the right place! Shop for Wholesale Boutiques Items, they are a top-selling for all concept stores, boutiques and shops. Take a look at our full items.

over 500 products

We have selected a large collection of exclusive hi-tech and lifestyle accessories for hi-tech, fashion and design stores.

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We have warehouses in 3 continents in order to conveniently supply our customers globally and deliver on time.

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We intensively search the market to always provide the latest trendy accessories to our customers.

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L10  is a leading supplier of wholesale gift items for boutiques and has some of the largest collection of unique boutique items with great quality and affordable price. L10 wholesale boutique items will meet all your wholesale and retail business need.
What kind of boutique items do we distribute?
For your wholesale items to sell in boutique, L10 has a unique range of boutique items for export around the world. Many of our gifts items are now sold in major boutiques in top countries like US, Canada, France and the UK. Some of our popular wholesale boutique items include Polaroid cameras, instant printers, portable and desk fans, Bluetooth speakers in different sizes, emoji shaped power banks, colourful wireless chargers, animal shaped candles with an aluminium core, incense stick, air humidifiers, cables, iPhone cases, portable arcade console, robot tin toys, optics for smartphones and tablet and many more items.
iPhone cases do more than just making phones become more beautiful and fashionable, they can also add protection without taking away the beauty and design that comes with Apple products. This is the reasons customers are always looking to buy iPhone cases and other phone accessories, they give you a high Return-Of-Investment (ROI) as boutique items reseller. We want you to choose from our unique phone cases at wholesale prices to retailer, reseller, and carriers, ranging from high end iPhone cases for iPhone X, 7/8 and 7/8 plus in many different colours and design: bumpers with transparent back, one colour cases, Marcelo Burlon cases, cases with poems, cases with glitter, cases with adhesive stickers, transparent cases and so many more.
It is never a dull moment when kids have portable tin robot toys at their disposal as most of these toys do not necessarily need electricity to function, the clicking sound of a wind-up or battery-operated tin robot attracts the attention of toy collectors and wide-eyed children alike

They come with reliable rechargeable batteries that will deliver long hours of playtime enough for outside vacation. These make robot tin toys to be in high demand. Take advantage of our competitive prices and stock your shops with premium portable toys today.
Discover a wide catalogue of wholesale boutique items like wearable Bluetooth speaker systems only on L10 online store.
Check out portable speaker systems with control buttons that put you in full charge of your music playlists coming from connected mobile devices.
Play audio files like podcasts, sermons, e-books and more that are stored on your SD cards with the help of a mini speaker system and the good part is that you can listen to your favourite audio while on the move, be it while jogging, exercising, or walking.
Search for unique boutique items from our vast inventory for high-quality wholesale gift items for boutiques that you and your customers can depend on.
We have selected a large collection of exclusive hi-tech and lifestyle gifts for every technology, fashion and design store all over the world. You don’t have to worry about the long delivery time. You will receive your offer in a couple of days.
When it comes to boutique supplies, quality is of utmost consideration. L10 is the best wholesale boutique suppliers for art toys. Various kinds of art toys are available in the store. L10 stocks a lot of products, making it easy for you to purchase in wholesale quantity.
Purchasing products in wholesale quantity come with a lot of perks. It allows you to get the products at the cheapest prices and to easily sell to retailers. L10 fashion boutique suppliers allow you to make purchases from anywhere in the world and you can be sure that the products will not just be highly affordable but also durable.
Check the full spectrum of products to find out what L10 has in stock for you.

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