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We are POPme, the POP movement that has united hearts around the world under a single brand. It takes a little to fall in love: a glimpse, a moment, a POPme product!
You have found the perfect ally to express your personality. If you can’t wait to show off your uniqueness, browse this page for a world full of color.




popme wholesale surgical masks

Colorful masks
Show off you personality with our colorful masks. Black is slimming, yellow cheers up, pink… on Wednesdays!

popme wholesale reading glasses

Reading glasses
Correct presbyopia with POPme reading glasses. Grades from +1 to +3 diopters of equal correction for both lenses that rest your eyes with their anti-blue light filter.

popme wholesale sunglasses

Comfortable, colorful and perfect for all ages because they perfectly fit any face shape. Dark circles? Say no more!

don’t worry,
be POPme!

popme wholesale bandages

Adhesive bandages
Colorful, flexible, breathable! POPme adhesive bandages are the kiss on the wound you used to get when you were a kid. For all the little unexpected things in life, we have you covered!

popme wholesale wooden toys

Wooden toys
POPme wooden toys are a constant source of discoveries for our curious little explorers. Assemble, disassemble, change, reassemble: you’ll look forward to observing and changing the rules of each game.

popme wholesale portable kits

Portable kits
A little bit of everything, always at hand. Inside our kits, you’ll find all the essentials to cope with any situation. They also make perfect gift ideas for that person who always asks you for that one thing they forgot.

popme occhiali lettura rivenditore
popme grossista cerotti colorati
popme grossista giochi di legno
popme rivenditore occhiali da sole

Colorful masks

popme mascherine colorate distributore
popme mascherine colorate rivenditore

Reading glasses

popme reading glasses distributor
popme reading glasses reseller


popme sunglasses reseller
popme grossista occhiali da sole

Adhesive bandages

popme bandaids color distirbutor
popme bandaids color reseller

Wooden toys

popme wooden toys distributor.
popme wooden toys reseller

Portable kits

popme grossista kit portatili
popme kit resellers

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