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Protection devices

Wholesaler, distributor and reseller of protective Masks


Surgical Masks

We distribute surgical masks that  limits the spread in the environment of potentially infectious particles by infected or potentially infected individuals. It has no filtering function during the inhaling phase, therefore it does not protect against the inhalation of small airborne particles (aerosols). They must be worn by infected or potentially infected individuals.

FFP3 Masks

We sell filtering protection masks to protect you from viruses and airborne particles. The great advantage of FFP masks is that – thanks to their filtering system – they protect the user from external agents and, at the same time, when worn by a positive subject, they prevent him from infecting others. FFP3 masks offer protection from virus, dust, smoke, solid and liquid aerosols harmful to health. They are homologated to retain particles up to 0,6 micron, with a minimum filtration efficiency of 98%.

Protection Glasses 

We distribute protection glasses that fit perfectly to the face, have a wide visual field and protect from lateral splashes. The special rods make the glasses very comfortable to wear and they can easily be used with other individual protection devices (PPE). They can also be worn in combination with prescription glasses.

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How to order protection devices?

Please use the contact form at the end of the page to reach out for our sales team.


What is the MOQ?

The MOQ varies for each device. Please send the contact form to have more information.


Which protection mask is the best?

FFP2 and FFP3 masks are better because they have a stronger filtering action (FFP3 has a filtration efficiency of 98%), they protect the user from external agents and, at the same time, when worn by a positive subject, they prevent him from infecting others.


Which sizes are available?

The devices come in one size and can be adapted thanks to their elastic bands. The products are not suitable for very young children as they may not adhere properly to the face.


How long I can use the mask for?

Surgical mask can be used for about 20/30 minutes, unless it moistens sooner. FFP masks can be used for 8/9 hours, unless they become moist sooner.


Do the masks give full protection from viruses and bacteria?

The protection may not be total, but more or less, depending on the type of mask you use.


Are these protection devices suitable for workers?

Absolutely. Depending on your working sector, one type of mask should be preferred over another


In addition to the mask, is it necessary to wear glasses?

Whether glasses are used to protect oneself in the workplace depends on the job one does. It is not necessary but recommended to use them to protect oneself from virus, dust, smoke.


Download the catalogue and the pricelist

MOQ: 500 pcs. Complete the contact form, our sales reps will contact you asap.